Oval Tanzanite mixed size 6.80 carats

Oval Tanzanite mixed size 6.80 carats

SKU: F2-6.80

Origin : Tanzania (Africa)
Weight  : 6.80 carats
Cut Style : Mixed Faceted Oval
Dimensions : 13 x 10.4 x 6.10 mm
Color : Blue to purple
Transparency : Transparent
Luster : Glossy vitreous
Inclusions: no inclusions visible under a magnifying glass

Mixed size artisanal with variable volume at the cylinder head.

Likely heated, heat treatment common for Tanzanites to improve color. 

Without inclusions, it presents a blue / purple dichroism.

Ideal for a bluff center stone.


(recommended with acknowledgment  reception)

For a declared value, count an additional 10 euros.

To order  and get an invoice:

contact :   tsubaagems@gmail.com

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