Tsubaa Gems offers you a selection of coloured gemstones

carefully selected and sourced from verified suppliers around the World.

Available in several varieties and many vibrant colours,

all the precious stones have been analyzed by us as an FGA gemologist.

Tsubaa Gems' main priority for the purchase of materials is to respect a very short circuit,

profiting as much as possible the main actors of the trade of precious stones of the producing country.

90% of the stones and lots offered come directly from brokers working in collaboration with the lapidaries.

The gemstones come mainly from Thailand and the region of Chanthaburi, Mogok (Burma), Nigeria, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, and India ...


TSUBAA GEMS undertakes to communicate all available information relating to the origin and possible treatment of its gems, within the available limit of said information.

A gemology report can be delivered on request after purchase, contact us for more details and prices.

All the applied prices reflect the current market for each type of gem and can be modified at any time according to the fluctuations in terms of the availability of materials, seasons, and geopolitics of the countries concerned.


The mission of Tsubaa Gems is to always respect and assert the rights of minors, lapidaries, and brokers, for greater transparency in the market but above all the greatest of respect for their life and nature.


Sophie Simon FGA has been trading in colored gemstones under the name

Tsubaa Gems since 2018 and is registered with the RCS at n ° 839-777-729 in Paris, France.


After 6 years of studies and holder of 3 diplomas in Jewelry Precious metal, Jewelry and Gems and jewelery Art Craft patent, she practices in Paris since 2002 and in London from 2008 to 2015 on behalf of dealers in precious stones, diamonds and Jewelers and artists.


FGA graduate of the famous GEM-A since 2017 Sophie Simon sources her gems from international

gem merchants and lapidaries and the result of exciting meetings,

while continuing her research on Gemology and collecting study specimens.
For more information about our work please email us at



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